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About Us In 1992, S.W. BURR, INC. partnered with Oregon based Manufacturer, Dynamic Research Company to help inform and educate Distributors and their customers and potential customers about the benefits of proactive Safety programs for all types of floor surfaces.

S.W. BURR, INC. is the parent company for and is a promoter of unique solutions for safety, budget and insurance problems that arise from soiled and potentially slippery floor conditions in schools, health care and municipal facilities, restaurants, office buildings, convenient stores, sports facilities to include pools, showers and more.

Together with we offer solutions to help Reduce Loss and Increase Profits. We offer Facility Managers and anyone charged with the duty of Reducing Waste, Increasing Efficiency and Safety Awareness the resources to accomplish all of these without sacrificing the appearance of these valued floor surfaces. Our approach is to match a problem with a solution or solutions for each and every potential slip and fall incident. These incidents can result in lost time injuries for valuable employees; can also affect visitors and or customers.

Control Loss by Reducing the Risk...

This is critical to the profit & loss statement for any facility.

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For more information, please call 1-(800)-331-6549 or e-mail us.

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