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Providing Safer Floor Surfaces is an idea worth consideration!

Providing Safer Floor Surfaces is good for everyone,

No matter the location, No matter the facility.

If you have a business...Safer Floor Surfaces will protect your employees, customers and visitors who walk on these same floors everyday. When you provide Safer Floor Surfaces, you will reduce the possibility (risk) of an incident that will probably result in a lost time accident, worker's compensation claim and yes...lawsuits. Visit the yellow pages under lawyers...slip and fall representation is a major service that they render. Who is helping your business, school or public building with the best line of defense against these potential slip and fall occurrences? We can help you develop a proactive program to make sure that your floor surfaces are safer.

If you are responsible for increasing the profit for a business or health care facility, we can help. If you are an Administrator for a school, college or university...Providing the safest floor surfaces available, for all who walk, run or play on them is the right thing to do!

Whether the floor surface is an entry area, hallway, restroom, shower, kitchen cafeteria, pool, gymnasium or any other part of your facility...Each area cleaned and treated with our unique products will enjoy an improved coefficient of friction every time they are applied to the floor surface requiring improvement... Please consider a NO OBLIGATION COST REDUCTION SAFETY SURVEY for your floor surfaces today? Begin by contacting us at or calling us at 1-(800)-331-6549 to arrange a consultation and learn how you will benefit from the peace of mind that Safer Floor Surfaces will bring to your Floor Care Program.


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RISK MANAGEMENT...12 threats to the bottom presented by:

Nation's Restaurant News Vol. 34, No.39 on September 25, 2000, Published every Monday and on the WEB to service The Nation's RESTAURANT and FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY.

12 threats to the bottom line

Click on the wheel to see the many threats that face the safety of your business

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For more information, please call 1-(800)-331-6549 or e-mail us.

Stone Grip™
SAF-T-STEP® Walkway/Step Covers
Instant Boat Hull Cleaner
Water Stain Breaker™

Contains NO APE's
Contains NO phosphates, EDTA, or NTA
Contains NO ozone depleting compounds
Contains NO known carcinogens
Contains NO chlorine bleach
U.L.® classified — slip resistant
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Sold in RECYCLED packaging
Recycle City
Contains NO butoxyethanol
Contains NO petroleum distillates
Concentrated for use in COLD or HOT water
Meets VOC emission standards
DOT Class 55 NON-Hazardous
Safe to use — Provides SAFER Floors!